Christin G.
DVT Survivor

Twenty-eight-year-old Christin had constant pain in her right leg. But given her age and lack of other symptoms of deep vein thrombosis, such as swelling and skin discoloration, she never suspected DVT. So she made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor.

The morning after the appointment, Christin woke up with what felt like a severe Charlie horse in her leg. She called her orthopedic who told her to go to the emergency room, where she was diagnosed with DVT and referred to a specialist. Christin was given the option of going on blood thinners or getting a minimally invasive thrombectomy procedure that would remove the clot and potentially reduce her risk of long-term complications.

After researching her options, she decided to go with the thrombectomy. Within a few days, Christin was back to work, spending time with her husband and two cats, and leading drum circles once a month. 


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